Monday, October 29, 2007

VIDEO update

hmm i think we might need to take a few more takes because our video isn't as exciting as we might have thought.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hey guys, just reminder meeting tomorrow at 3 in spencer

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hey Crystal,

We decided we would meet together at 3 on sunday in Jimmy's dorm, Spencer, because they have a corporate room there we can film in. Let us know if you can meet then and also make sure to have a 3-4 minute write up on the information you collected so you can do a short piece on it.

Have a good day!


sorry for the late post but i plan on researching adware/spyware and how it can affect p.i.m. also, i would like to film most of our video content this weekend so i have plenty of time for editing. i'm free all day friday and saturday and sunday you will just have to call me. the video outline goes like's going to be a newscast theme video w/ mallory as the anchor. we'll have interviews with other students that will lead us into one of our subtopics. we can finalize the details today in class

Tips for Protection

Hey James I thought this link had a good short article about tips for protection.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I think that these last three posts all connect together and can easily be tied together to make a good presentation. We need to ask Leo if this is the right track and find out how we can elaborate more so we can fill up the amount of time we have to present for.

Can everyone meet at 2:30 on wednesday so we can figure out the details of the presentation and how exactly we are going to divide up the actual presentation?

How much do we trust the interent?

Personal information management strategies are ever changing. The historical start begin when the internet first start. Studies show "that many of the participants already employ certain strategies to achieve their desired level of privacy when the tool does not provide it. 8 out of 12 participants reported using other platforms with better privacy management mechanisms for their more private content. In more extreme cases, some had decided to forego deploying certain stuff in an online environment because of lack of acceptable privacy levels. " (Razari, 2006)
"Other strategiesincluded writing private content in some sort of a "code language" so that it is meaningless to anyone other than the writer himself, and having the contents somewhere (i.e. a web page, weblog, or an ePortfolio), but not providing a link to it from places where their real identity is known." (Razari, 2006). We really do not trust the internet these days and wish for our information not to be stolen. Many persons have made their own strategies in order that they understand, but protect themselves against others who may wish to use their information. Some ways you might have done this yourself is by giving misguided information for services we want or not including information at all.